Online commerce is digital commercial method for selling and buying products using the Internet. In the logistical context, the intention is for small and large businesses alike who are starting to sell their goods online. By operating digitally, a lot of benefits that ordinary physical business does not have present themselves. The main ones are huge savings in fixed expenses (no physical store needed / fewer employees required) and much greater market exposure.

In our small global village, almost any seller or online business owner can, with a little ingenuity and will, enter to brand new international markets. Before the time of the Internet, most of the global markets were closed to foreigners. Nowadays there is a growing trend of globalization that allows almost every English-speaking person to advertise, buy and sell in countries on the other side of the world. This option allows the seller to use its relative advantage and significantly increase his or her profits.

You cannot talk about online trading without mentioning Amazon, Eli-Express, eBay, Rakuten trading giants. Amazon introduced the term “FBA” more than 10 years ago, which is now a well-known term of almost every online merchant on the planet. The FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service basically allows sellers to ship their goods to Amazon warehouses and from there sit on the couch and enjoy the show. Amazon’s staffs handle all possible aspects of merchandise sales including inventory, stock picking, re-marking & labeling, sales, customer service, collection, and deliveries. This happens for a nice fee but nevertheless effective, since it allows sellers to concentrate on advertising the product and spend more time on business development and entering new markets.

Our services include:

Introducing the digital sales arena to for existing/new businesses: whether it is small business selling jewelry or T-shirts or whether it is factories or manufacturing startups – it is possible (and recommended) to introduce the business to new markets and start selling more. It can be by building the correct sales site or by using existing platforms like Amazon & eBay.

Amazon FBA: if you want to start selling products through Amazon warehouses around the world and you have no idea how to get started or alternatively you want to streamline and grow your profit line – we will direct you in the right way.

Outsourcing Services: sometimes it is not worthwhile to keep a warehouse with physical inventory and sometimes it is not possible. If you want to start importing / exporting but you do not have the right infrastructure or wide enough financial backing, we are here to help you find the best solution.

Also including sourcing for products & suppliers.

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