The three most recognized courier companies in the world are FedEx, DHL and UPS, with the combined market share of over 90% from the entire global courier services market. Smaller competitors are Aramex and TNT. The main difference between courier companies and forwarding companies is their specialization. Couriers specialize in transporting small cargoes by air (usually up to 45-50 kg) compared to freight forwarders that specialize in heavy and volumetric cargoes by air, land & sea.

Having said that, today couriers are able to compete directly with the prices & service level of forwarding companies, accept heavier and larger shipments and vice versa. The freight forwarders are also able to offer good solutions for deliveries of envelopes and small packages.

Key features of courier companies are:

Specialization in shipping small packages and envelopes domestically and abroad.

Express shipping (2-4 days worldwide). Generally, there is the option of a slightly longer but more cost-effective route.

The parcels / envelopes are scanned at every point from the time they were picked up to their delivery overseas. For each shipment, an express airway bill with a unique identification number is generated along with a barcode that is scanned throughout its journey abroad. This allows real time tracking of the shipment by the shipper, by the customer and basically by any other factor who has the airway bill number.

– The major courier companies own their own aircraft fleet which usually contains hundreds of aircrafts. This makes them independent from the constraints of the commercial airlines and all airplanes are used to transfer cargo only which are capable of loading tons of packages and envelopes in each flight. 

Additional Benefits: Ability to ship packages of almost all types and sizes, safe and secure transportation, an option to add a mandatory acceptance signature for important items, ships globally, possibility to upgrade the service with faster delivery and etc

Courier services have always been popular but in recent years, once online commerce and online shopping came into the picture, their use began to climb drastically. The ability to order relatively large and multiple items from online sellers required advanced shipping solutions. Such that will not only allow customers to receive their items but also allow sellers to offer same day/next day deliveries, to make returns and more. Something which was only possible by using courier services.

We partner with all courier companies according to the type of service required by our customers. The main differences between the courier companies besides the prices are specialization in different regions of the world, different service levels in different departments (good import, weak export etc.) and different operating restrictions (some do not fly hazardous materials while others do)

Our company has unique agreements with all the couriers in the market. This allows our clients to receive better prices than if they had contacted the courier companies themselves. In addition to the improved prices, we also offer various related services such as creation of airway bill, order pick-ups, weekly / monthly invoice checking, reimbursement process management and delivery operations in real-time on behalf of the customer

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