Shipping cargo by air is a fast and effective method for businesses which are required to supply products to international customers on tight schedules.

The main disadvantage of air shipping is that the price is usually higher in comparison to ocean shipping. TCS supplies its customers with various way of lowering the air freight costs and in parallel to provide support and real time tracking until final delivery at destination. Each shipment gets the most utter attention to all details, exactly as required.

We do not hold any obligations to ship cargos under any consolidation constraints which don’t always match our customers deadlines. We offer greater flexibility and are always able to provide several different solutions to the same issue.

We are of course consolidating shipments for most of our clients when its more economic and meets their needs, but we also offer direct services for your cargo directly. The 2nd option is usually better for very heavy/volumetric shipments or time-critical shipments which needs to arrive ASAP.

We also offer accompanying services such as:

Accompanying the procurement process directly with overseas suppliers: walking together with the customer directly to the overseas manufacturers and assisting in the completion of transactions while negotiating for most correct terms.

Documentation & and creating document format sets: when trading in the international market, you need to prepare/check different documents to move your products through the world’s customs authorities smoothly. 

Time-Critical services: for shipments that needs to be collected right now and delivered yesterday – there’s not time for the usual bureaucratic time frames.

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